dataglobal CS for Domino

Mobile access to file attachments from Domino applications.

Storage space reduction in the local Notes DBs of the Notes client:

  • The file attachment managed by DAOS is loaded into the local replica of the Notes client in order to be accessible. This is no longer necessary when archiving with dataglobal CS for Domino, as the attachment has been removed from the Notes document and can be accessed at any time via a link.
  • Analogous to DAOS, dataglobal CS for Domino Server archives the file attachment in the single instance procedure. To access the file attachment, only the link in the local Notes database is required. If the Notes document with the link has been deleted, the attachment can also be searched for and restored via the dg mail for Notes search.

Access without Notes client:

  • By archiving with dg mail for Notes and the Domino extension, the file attachment can now also be accessed without a Notes client.
  • It is opened in dataglobal CS DocPresenter, which can also be used in another context.
  • Alternatively, the dataglobal CS Webclient for digital Workplace can be used to search for and access HCL Notes.

Cost savings through cheaper storage space:

  • The DAOS file is usually located on expensive storage space. The dataglobal CS for Domino server can be operated on cheaper storage media.

Further processing:

  • From version 11.0 (under development), the attachment can be opened so that it can be further processed in the dataglobal CS webclient for digital workplace. For example, seamless integration in all Office products (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and versioning.

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