Database security for Db2 & Informix

Our specialists develop protective measures with you to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your databases.

Database-focused protection needs analysis: 

The protection needs analysis is carried out in order to obtain an overview of the Db2 or Informix databases used and their effect on the business processes and to be able to analyze them for risks.

Basic check:

  • The database-dependent critical business processes and IT applications are recorded and evaluated for resilience.
  • The result of the protection requirement analysis is a list of critical business processes with availability requirements.
  • The basic check can be extended by the development of a strategy for high database availability.


Duration of the basic check:

  • 3 days, including 1 day on site.

Knowledge transfer of highly available database concepts: 

Seminar objectives:

  • The seminar teaches you how to back up and restore Db2 or Informix databases, how to set up and operate HA configurations, and how to design the necessary concepts and procedures.


  • Representation of failure and recovery types.
  • Set up, manage and maintain a high availability solution.
  • Develop a recovery plan (including procedures for restoring command scripts, applications, custom functions).
  • Simulation of a failure and performing recovery activities.
  • Development of avoidance strategies.
  • Possible applications of monitoring / diagnostic tools.

Training duration 4 days

Maintenance of high availability solutions:

Based on the many years of experience of our database administrators, our consultants will find the most effective maintenance / service concept for Db2 or Informix high availability solutions for your company. We take on specific tasks for you as part of your regular safety checks.


  • Carrying out security checks after major release change.
  • Check the patch levels of database and security updates.
  • Review and test the high availability configuration.
  • Performing load tests to ensure specific load requirements.

The maintenance is carried out according to effort.

Process-oriented emergency concept: 

For the fastest possible restoration of operability after a failure of your Db2 or Informix database, we create a tailor-made emergency concept to minimize the downtime of critical business processes and the associated costs in the event of damage.

Care package:

  • Analysis of the configuration of the database cluster used.
  • Planning for emergency arrangements to restore your company’s uptime as soon as possible after a database failure.
  • Development of monitoring measures and selection of monitoring tools.

Expenses of the precautionary package:

  • 5 days, including 2 days on site.

Certification preparation based on ISO 27001:

We take over all preparatory tasks related to an upcoming ISO 27001 certification, including:

  • Review and revision of existing IT security documentation.
  • Management of information security incidents.
  • Documented procedures of security incidents.
  • Check for missing documentation parts.
  • Checking the degree of implementation of required safety measures.

ISO 27001 certification

  • The execution of the audit and the issuance of the ISO 27001 certificate are carried out by an accredited body.
  • With an ISO 27001 certification, you can prove to business partners or customers that IT security has a corresponding significance in the risk management of your company.


Contact: Mr. Joachim Klassen

Telephone: +49 (0) 7141 93 93-0