OEM / ESA distribution

The OEM / ESA (formerly ASL) model allows you to combine your core competency with IBM software to generate lasting and significant value for your customer. 

The OEM license model

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) is a way to bundle manufacturer software licenses with your core business ( software solution, ASP, IT service, hardware ). As a result, you not only achieve attractive pricing, but also long-term customer loyalty and new business opportunities.

This is guaranteed by your personal touch:

The combination of your business model and manufacturer components results in your unique selling point and your gateway to new markets.

The OEM licensing route

Instead of completing a long, complicated IBM contract, you simply complete a simple, two-page ISV membership notice and accept the terms and conditions of IBM and LIS.TEC GmbH.

There are no quantity obligations or upfronts necessary!

This means that the OEM partner licenses the IBM middleware via OEM for each solution (hardware, software, services) and receives:

  • the licenses
  • eligible for 12 months maintenance (updates and support)
  • option for annual maintenance renewal

Consequently, the end customer receives from you:

  • your bundle of products and the rights of use of IBM middleware limited to your product

Your advantages with OEM

  • Attractive and calculable pricing model through fixed license prices
  • Worldwide sale (without regional restrictions) possible
  • One Face to the Customer – you and your solution alone are in the foreground. Accordingly, your customer only sees your product name throughout the sales process.
  • Your business model combined with IBM middleware is your unique selling point in the marketplace
  • Planning security for your follow-up business – maintenance extensions of IBM products can only be obtained from you
  • Long-term customer loyalty in your hands
  • Your customer does not need any contracts with IBM = No visibility of your customer for IBM
  • Straightforward contracting for you as an ISV
  • No comparability of IBM middleware for end customers possible
  • Safety through the use of products from a large manufacturer
  • No competitive position of the manufacturer to your products
  • Opening up new market segments