dataglobal CS for Domino

Mobile access to file attachments from Domino applications.

The advantages

With the help of dataglobal CS for Domino, e-mail documents from Domino servers can be archived securely in the long term. With the introduction of dataglobal CS for Domino, the data volume to be managed by the Domino server is significantly reduced and subsequently grows more slowly than before.

  • dataglobal CS for Domino archives e-mails according to centrally defined rules and allows users to archive individual e-mail documents.
  • During archiving, e-mail documents are stored in an audit-proof manner on a central dg archive ArchiveServer, which supports a comprehensive range of storage technologies. For files attached to e-mails, the space-saving single-instance method is used, in which a file only occupies a single mail of storage space.
  • Archived file attachments remain accessible from anywhere for users of the Domino Client as well as for users of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • From the user’s point of view, the solution is embedded in the Domino client. As a result, users quickly find their way around and the costs for training, familiarisation and user support remain low.
  • Users have the ability to share links to the archived file attachments with business partners and colleagues, even if they don’t use HCL Nomad and no matter what device they have – there has never been more flexibility!

The reduction of the space requirement brings the following advantages:

  • The archiving of file attachments results in a significant reduction of storage space in the HCL Domino applications.
  • This not only relieves the memory of the mobile device but also the HCL Domino Server.
  • Investments in hardware for the Domino server due to growing space requirements may be postponed for years or may not be necessary at all.
  • The backup of Domino server data stocks becomes faster or possible again because of the small amount.
  • Noticeably less administrative work for users and system administrators caused by mailbox size limits, such as deleting and reogranising e-mails.

The long-term secure storage of Domino Mail documents ensures that:

  • Legal regulations are fulfilled that require the traceability and documentation of internal company processes (increasingly, e-mail traffic also contains information that must be retained).
  • all archived documents remain available in case of loss of a Domino server installation or changeover to another system.
  • content from file attachments can also be taken into account in searches.

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