Ensuring the operational readiness of the Informix database server (IDS)


By means of a combination of on-call readiness and database monitoring, individual support is provided in the area of the administration of Informix environments. The possible range of activities ranges from case-by-case support to the complete takeover of the administration. As a rule, we take over the on-call, taking into account the agreed SLAs, including the following:

  • Answering questions about handling Informix
  • Receipt/tracking/analysis of error messages
  • Execution of troubleshooting measures


  • the administration & operation of the IDS
  • DBS monitoring (OAT, InformixHQ, AGS Sentinel) including setup and configuration
  • analysis of log files of the DB servers
  • Resource management (e.g. storage, high availability, backup)
  • Installing Updates/Upgrades
  • the Troubleshooting

Key Selling Points:

  • High degree of individualization
  • uncomplicated handling
  • direct access to the consultant
  • compact contracts … and decades of experience with the IDS.
  • Category

    • Security, Storage & Backup
    • Availability
    • Monitoring
    • Management
    • Migration Service
    • Outsourcing
    • ASP
    • Hosting
    • Outtasking
    • Data migration
    • Data management
  • Customer's problems

    Operational/organizational changes at the customer

    Due to internal and organizational changes in the IT sector, companies often plan to (successively) shift the support (administration) of the IBM Informix database server into the hands of qualified service providers. The objective is to maintain the operational readiness of the Informix system. The employees previously supervised with this task are to be relieved in order to deal with other IT tasks in the future. A building of (additional) Informix competence is often no longer sought. The supervision of the Informix landscape should be carried out quickly, in coordination with those responsible. In formix administrators, who are also sick, project- or holiday-related, often require (temporary) assistance in the management of the Informix environment.

  • Industries

    all Industries

  • Integrated IBM Software

    • IBM Informix Datenbank Server (IDS)
    • Open Admin Tool
    • Informix HQ


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