HCL Sametime

Instant messaging and conferencing software that offers chat functions as well as an audio and video platform. It is suitable for both private groups and large companies. Especially in combination with HCl Connections, new service offerings can be developed.

HCL Domino

Stable and secure application development platform including the following components: Application server, database, email, workflow engine, security incl. directory synchronisation (for Microsoft), replication for online & offline clustering and full text indexing. Suitable for customers who want to develop their own application quickly and easily without a lot of technical effort or for customers who want to present their developed web applications on a secure server.

HCL Connections

Social business platform in which various components such as mail, chat, RSS feed, calendar, document sharing and much more can be integrated as standard: Mail, chat, RSS feed, calendar, meeting, document sharing and much more can be integrated as standard in an overall solution. It is particularly suitable for any company that needs internal information processing and integration of the various components, including process communication.