ASC Software Suite


Our ASC Software Suite stands for innovative process control technology that will simplify your production process, make it transparent to every actor involved in the production process, and significantly reduce your manufacturing costs.

Our software solution is a connection and at the same time a data exchange between the company management level and the production process on the machine. Order lists with production orders are received from the ERP system. This links order and technology data so that the production plant is supplied with a complete setpoint data set. The orders are carried out via the software and at the same time data of the production process is collected, whereby a target-actual-value comparison can be carried out afterwards. These results are returned to the ERP system. In addition to a trend analysis and a reporting system, many additional modules can be individually adapted to the needs of our customers: for example, a performance indicator can be calculated, a quality analysis can be carried out and the consumption of individual components of the production process. Accurate time recording of the production process is motivation-enhancing for your production employees; detailed production reports help to better understand the process of the previous shift during shiftwork.

Our latest solution IM_ASC is a special industry solution developed for impregnation processes in the wood-based and paper industries. However, the ASC Software Suite is industry-independent and can be used for many industrial applications. The core of the application is the DB2 database.

Key Selling Points:

  • Machine-oriented, individually adapted software solution for innovative process control technology
  • Reduction of production costs, scrap and machine downtimes, optimization of material consumption
  • Analysis of production results, prediction of quality values and events
  • Transparency about all processes of the production process
  • Material, order, and data flow tracking
  • Newly created updates are immediately available
  • Terminal server capability, which minimizes installation effort
  • Comprehensive reports and trend analysis
  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive advice and induction
  • 24h Support
  • Category

    • Production and delivery processes
  • Industries

    • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
    • Automotive industry and suppliers
    • Energy supply
    • IT
    • Industry and manufacturing
    • all Industries
  • Customer's problems

    • Confusing, incomplete exchange of information between production operators in shift strata and between the production level and the company management level. Data exchange between all actors in a data-safe space (DB2 database) is made possible with ASC at any time, detailed production reports can also be accessed and traced at a later time.
    • Complicated software makes it difficult for production employees to operate. ASC is easy to use, we work you extensively and are available 24 hours for you.
    • Incorrect productions and quality defects are lost in shift operation and are no longer comprehensible later. Time recordings and quality checks are made via ASC and displayed graphically (traffic light principle), each target-actual-value deviation must be explained at ASC and can thus be more easily traced in case of shift change.
    • Lack of compatibility between machines from different suppliers. Machines from different manufacturers are combined in a data acquisition via the ASC software suite (ASC Trend).
    • Software updates interfere with operation. ASC software updates are made on the database, which the customer usually does not notice.
  • Integrated IBM Software

    • IBM Db2


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