Soft digitalisation


Ravensburg / Ludwigsburg, 13 April 2022. Is it necessary for IT managers to throw everything tried and tested overboard in the course of digitalisation? With their cooperation, DocHouse GmbH and LIS.TEC GmbH are taking a different approach and showing how digitalisation can be offered in a way that is understandable and learnable, step by step, while retaining much that is good.

Picture: The managing directors of LIS.TEC GmbH and DocHouse GmbH from left to right. Frank Murthum, Jens Orhanovic (LIS.TEC), Wolfgang Brugger (DocHouse); Source: DocHouse GmbH

What is the point of digitalisation if nothing works and innovation does not take all employees with it? DocHouse from Ravensburg is taking a different approach here: soft digitisation. The advantage: There are many options for the company to experience digitisation as a success story together with the staff. Anyone who wants to implement a digitisation project that hardly requires the IT department, or anyone who should have been doing something for a long time but is afraid of large IT projects, will find the Ravensburg software house to be a business partner for a lean entry into digital corporate development.

DocHouse and LIS.TEC have bundled their sales activities with their partnership cooperation. Together they want to offer digitisation in a way that can be understood and learned step by step. As Wolfgang Brugger, Managing Director at DocHouse, reports, many of his customers are now working with optimised processes through digital forms where there used to be only a sheet of paper: “Since we don’t programme applications, but generate them, a first digital process is quickly implemented.” The basis for this is the universal PDF format in combination with XML data structures. Thanks to the high recognition value of their previous paper forms, customers can continue working immediately without having to get used to them.

Frank Murthum, Managing Director at LIS.TEC, has recognised that this is exactly what it takes to be successful: “This is how every company succeeds in digitisation from one day to the next, and without the need for expensive app development”.

Of course, only paper in digital form would not be enough for true digitalisation. That’s why the forms integrate what mobile devices can already do anyway. Bar or QR codes make it possible to record machine data without media discontinuity. With photos, videos, audio recordings or sketches, everything that previously had to be compiled on a PC is immediately included in a process. Additions are made on site via the on-screen keyboard or voice input. And depending on the employee’s language, the mobile terminal provides the user with forms in different language versions. Radio gaps do not matter: even on the flat countryside, in buildings or underground, it simply has to work all the time.

Jens Orhanovic, Managing Director at LIS.TEC, was convinced by the concept: “These are digitisation projects that I can recommend to my customers with a clear conscience. Even with the operating model, we can offer all conceivable options. Depending on preference, in-house operation at the customer’s is just as conceivable as operation in the cloud.”

Wolfgang Brugger: “Often, our customers’ entry into digitisation is just a single paper-based process where the shoe has been on the other foot for a long time. Here we can achieve good results very quickly. In many cases, the connection of the enterprise resource planning or the CRM system takes place later.” Whether data and information from CRM, ERP or other systems – DIGIT:Pro ( brings everything into a single app.


About LIS.TEC GmbH

LIS.TEC GmbH is one of the world’s largest high value OEM distributors with an extensive OEM software and partner product portfolio: IBM, HCL, MongoDB, Rocket and many more. More than 20 years of own experience as a solution provider and profound competence in the areas of product and management consultancy, consulting, training and services form effective synergies that drive solution providers forward.
LIS.TEC understands solution providers and their challenges with regard to the licensing and end-customer business and thus forms an ideal link between solution providers and software manufacturers as an intermediary.


About DocHouse GmbH

As an accredited partner of bwcon (Baden-Württemberg: Connected e. V.), our employees are the first point of contact for digitisation projects. Starting with funding opportunities and comprehensive advice through to joint project implementation, we take customers with us right from the start and provide comprehensive support.