IBM SPSS Statistics

Gaining insights from data

Gruppen von 3 Personen steht in einem Konferenzraum vor einem Notebook. Im Vordergrund schweben schwach eingeblendet statistische Auswertungen im digitalen Raum.

For whom is IBM SPSS Statistics?

Your business gains reliable insights. SPSS Statistics helps you analyse and understand your data. Complex business and research questions can be answered easily with a user-friendly interface. It makes it easier to understand large and complex data sets. Advanced statistical methods are used to achieve this, contributing to high accuracy and quality in decision-making.


Economic and research challenges can be solved:

  • simply
  • robust
  • reliable

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  • easy to use without programming knowledge
  • efficient data preparation through pattern recognition
  • fast and reliable thanks to automated data preparation
  • integrated interfaces for advanced and abstract statistics
  • task automation through syntax
  • open source integration in SPSS syntax


Prove your knowledge within the scope of a SPSS Statistics certification. Our test centre in Ludwigsburg is available for exams.
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