dataglobal CS File Management and Archiving for IBM Spectrum Protect/TSM


Intelligent enterprise-wide and automated file management with audit-proof swapping to IBM Spectrum Protect server/TSM. Heterogeneous and unstructured data from all applications, SAP, e-mail and SharePoint are classified, archived and can be managed according to central rules in the dataglobal Digital Workplace and linked in the business context and as a resource for content services be used.

Key Selling Points:

Fast, secure, and mobile access to all important information by linking all information across the enterprise

  • Find dynamic search index information for all information stored through the dataglobal CS system in the Spectrum Protect Server /TSM
  • Cache mechanisms for data on tape including tiered storage hierarchy and retention management
  • Interfaces to all information systems in a company
  • Use in a HybridCloud possible at any time
  • DMS/ECM for SAP and NONSAP environments
  • Content-based data classification of user and machine data for automated index preparation
  • Seamless migration of file, mail and SAP archives to the dataglobal Content Service platform
  • Central management of retention periods and access rights
  • Conversion/rendition to independent formats for long-term availability of all information
  • Category

    • Portal solutions
    • Documents and Content Management
    • Business process management
    • Storage consolidation
    • Data migration
    • Data management
  • Industries

    all Industries

  • Customer's problems

    • intelligent data storage with index data for SpectrumProtect/TSM
    • Finding information
    • Consolidation of multiple archives
    • Data classification
    • Archive data from Industry 4.0
    • E-files for SAP
    • E-mail archiving
    • SAP ILM Archiving with Retention Management
    • SharePoint and File Archiving
    • digital transformation
    • Digital Workplace
    • Digitization of documents
    • Archiving
    • DMS/ECM
    • Interface for Applications in Content Server for Spectrum Protect
  • Integrated IBM Software

    • IBM Spectrum Protect Server / TSM 7.1 und 8.1.


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