Our cooperation with HCL as ESA distributor


Ladies and gentlemen,

after numerous and now successful negotiations with HCL, we are pleased to join HCL as the first and so far only ESA distributor.
With the final signature of our CEO Mr. Orhanovic under the jointly developed base agreement, we have taken a considerable step forward in future cooperation, with HCL and our partners.

In order to continue offering the best possible prices for our partners and their solutions, we will set standardised conditions together with HCL in the next step. The continuing possibility of special conditions within SBO or PoR contracts is also part of our conversations.
Existing IBM special agreements are to be migrated as best as possible with HCL. We will contact affected partners directly as soon as we know more.

We would like to thank you for your trusting perseverance so far and hope to inform you with final details soon.

We are happy to assist you with any questions and suggestions.

Yours sincerely

Your LIS.TEC Team