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As you’ve probably already noticed, IBM also announced a change in Db2 licensing with the announcement of the new Db2 version 11.5 in June 2019.

Db2 was essentially grouped into 3 licenses:
– Db2 Community License – free, max. 4 cores, 16 GB RAM, max. 100 GB database size
– Db2 standard license – max. 16 cores, 128 GB RAM, Unlimited database size
– Db2 Advanced license – Unlimited

For you, the change regarding the licensing metrics will be interesting.
So far, we have always had the challenge of finding the break even point in metrics such as Authorized User, PVU, Virtual Server, or Limited Use Socket, and to license the most cost-effective solution for your case.

IBM has opted for a new path in which we only talk about a license metric : The new licensing metric will now be VPC (Virtual Processor Core) . There are no other alternatives for productive environments. In non-productive environments, there will only be authorized users .

For more information about the new Db2 licenses and the licensing metrics VPC, we have put together a presentation. You are also welcome to download the presentation.

For further questions you can always contact us !

Presentation: New Db2 Licensing