dataglobal GmbH and LIS.TEC GmbH establish a strategic technology partnership


The dataglobal GmbH, based in Heilbronn and LIS.TEC GmbH, based in Ludwigsburg will combine their forces and sales efforts by providing innovative solutions around data-archiving and modern ways of working for all users of HCL Notes Domino applications.

HCL Notes Domino (formerly Lotus Notes and IBM Notes) is a document based, distributed database system with tight E-Mail connection. With over 18,000 customers  and over 50 million users worldwide this is one of the leading collaboration software systems.

One of the most recent innovations  is the App HCL Nomad. This is the solution for HCL Domino applications on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets (both iOS & Android). HCL Nomad can access the Domino-Server online and download data. However, physical limitations of memory on mobile devices can quickly be a limiting factor and the offline usage.

The software dataglobal CS, developped by the  digitalization experts  Dataglobal GmbH, offers considerable benefits. By means of a tight technical linkage of HCL Nomad and the Dataglobal Content Services Plattform, all HCL Domino Applications, regardless of their size and without any need of migration can easily be used on all mobile end devices.

All attachments will be de-attached and get archieved in the dataglobal CS, which is like a “private Cloud”. These attachments remain accessible at all times, also for auditing purposes. Both the useres of Notes Clients as well as users of end devices like smartpohnes and tablets can access all relevant information and share it with other, authorized users. Due to the archiving functionaltiy of all attachments in the Dataglobal Content Services Platform all the HCL Domino Applications have considerable reduction of memory space and also benefit of faster internal digital cooperation.


“Due to the cooperation with Dataglobal we are able to offer our other partners and their customers new features with new flexibility within the collaboration themes of HCL Domino.This considerable value-add is a powerful differentiator especially at the present time of constant price and performance pressure. (Jens Orhanovic, CEO of LIS.TEC GmbH).

Also Wolfgang Munz, CEO and founder of the Dataglobal Company is expecting to realize a win-win situation with the cooperation with LIS.TEC.


“With LIS.TEC we found a professional partner who is, like us, successfully in this business since 25 years. LIS.TEC is worldwide the only HCL OEM distributor who works with and distributes to several solution providers in the digital solution arena and a large quantity  of HCL Software users and customers. We sincerely look forward to a long-term and succesful positioning and selling of our innovative software solutions in this collaboration market.