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  • CDC: Log Seq: Page out of seq error
    Hi Informix DBAs,

    Is there any way i can I fix the problem below? i'm running cdc aka change
    data capture on IDS11.7 and AIX...
  • Re: Primary Keys
    No primary key as in it doesn't have the constraint or there is no set of
    columns that form a unique key? The latter could...
  • Primary Keys
    Work for a shop that has occasional issues of table locks. A few of the tables
    in question do not have primary keys. I know...
  • CDC time out issue
    Hi Gurus,

    Want to ask if you have encountered the error messages shown below in CDC. We
    are trying to implement cdc but failing due...
  • RE: Having issues with jsps
    On Linux el6.x86_64, and informix 11.50.FC9: I have installed java and the
    jdbc driver, and when I try to run a remove jar command,...
  • RE: question...
    Sorry, please ignore. Was sending email address to co-worker.

    *************************Sorry, please ignore.*****************************=
    Ernie Knox
    Sr. Technologist, I&TG - Database Management
    Sears Holdings Management...
  • RE: question...
    Yes, ids@iiug.org.

    Ernie Knox
    Sr. Technologist, I&TG - Database Management
    Sears Holdings Management Corp
    3333 Beverly Rd.
    Hoffman Estates, IL. 60179
  • Re: Transaction Locking and Indexes
    The data is more compact since the reload, so more data on a page.


    Art S. Kagel, President and Principal Consultant
    ASK Database Management...
  • Re: Transaction Locking and Indexes
    Hello Art

    I guessed it was something like you describe. While I was happy to simply add
    indexes I felt I needed an answer to...
  • Re: Transaction Locking and Indexes

    OK, here's what's happening:

    Without the index every delete has to scan the entire table looking for
    matching rows to delete. Each row as...