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  • RE: More about errors -951 / -952
    You should want to see and review these, in case of access violations. Oth=
    erwise ignore them, since they are in the online.log, which hopefully...
  • Re: More about errors -951 / -952
    Simple answer? No.


    Art S. Kagel, President and Principal Consultant
    ASK Database Management

    Blog: http://informix-myview.blogspot.com/

    Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that my own...
  • Re: More about errors -951 / -952
    No... But your concern with them suggest either/both:

    1- They are very frequent
    2- You spend too much time looking at online.log

    For 2) you...
  • RE: More about errors -951 / -952
    No, these kind of errors are directly related to database securiry.
    You can turn on a trace through onmode -I [errnum] to help you to...
  • RE: More about errors -951 / -952
    Not that I am aware of but you might be able to make the MSGLOG a named
    pipe and do something clever

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  • More about errors -951 / -952

    HP-UX 11.31
    Informix 11.70 FC8W1

    I have a legacy windows application (it is not possible to modify code). This
    app uses ODBC and when...
  • Re: Switching HDR / Primary
    You can probably do this, but I'd have to play with it a bit to be sure.


    Art S. Kagel, President and Principal Consultant...
  • Re: Switching HDR / Primary

    Is there a way after the switchover after step 2 below, to split the
    replication and bring up the orig_Primary in standalone mode? I...
  • Re: HDR - export on secondary
    Thanks Art, it's clear that a later restore from the primary would be
    required. That won't be a problem.
    Reviewing my plans, thinking twice can...
  • Re: HDR - export on secondary
    Thanks Andreas, unfortunately your post's format is a bit confusing. Could you
    try posting the required commands again ? I'll check on my reference system...