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  • Re: compiling w/CSDK
    Just to reiterate Brad: CSDK includes ESQL/C since shortly before IBM
    bought Informix and it is free. If you want support for CSDK itself, you...
  • Re: compiling w/CSDK
    ESQL/C is now a component of CSDK.

    Recent versions (released in the last 15-20 years) o= f ESQL/C are

    only available via CSDK.

    So unless...
  • RE: compiling w/CSDK
    ESQL/C is provided free in the CSDK. You only pay if you want support.


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  • Re: compiling w/CSDK
    Hi Brad,

    C language compiler such as GCC alone will not compile embedded SQL
    The ESQL/C pre processor convert the embedded SQL statements to...
  • RE: compiling w/CSDK
    No idea - maybe they are idiots :)
    No idea


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  • compiling w/CSDK
    Silly question time, but ... can you compile a C program with embedded SQL
    statements using GCC and the Informix CSDK? If so, why would...
  • Re: Problems connecting to remote informix fro....
    So are you saying you can connect and see your database names using=20
    jdbc:informix-sqli:// ?
    Yet putting the database name into the URL wouldn't connect...
  • Re: Problems connecting to remote informix fro....
    Hola Gustavo, yo lo tengo configurado así
    Con este driver
    IBM Informix JDBC Driver 3.00.JC2.
    Sin problemas

    2016-04-28 19:45 GMT-03:00 GUSTAVO ECHENIQUE <gustavo.echenique@cemdo.com.ar
  • Problems connecting to remote informix from NetBea
    Dear colleagues:

    I am developing a web application with Java and NetBeans 8.0.2, which will
    connect to a remote informix engine, but within the same...
  • Re: False non-exclusive access when select a table
    Thanks Wolfgang, I don't see that this issue is fixed, so probably it persists
    in more recent versions after that 11.70.FC8W1. The local fix (restart...